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My friend Sandra Moss, met Sat Siri Khalsa at an Ayurvedic conference. Sandra very much enjoyed Sat Siri’s company and suggested that I also get to know her. Because I’d been fascinated by Vedic astrology for quite some time I decided to call Sat Siri for a reading.

Sat Siri’s talent as an astrologer is outstanding and her warmth and friendliness drew me to her. Sat Siri is a fulltime practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an honors graduate of Harvard University. Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, the lore of light, is the ancient cosmology that is at the stem of astronomy, quantum physics, Ayurvedic medicine, math, numerology, and Western astrology. Sat Siri has lectured around the world on various topics including spiritual astrology, financial astrology, and how to time and predict events.

There are many avenues to increased self awareness and a deepening of knowledge. Vedic astrology is one of these avenues and I want “everyone” to meet Sat Siri and have the opportunity to learn about Vedic astrology.

You may or may not wish to follow up with a reading but just knowing that the stars have an influence on your life and on world events is worthwhile. Knowing about planetary influences helps all of us to better understand the order in our lives and in our universe.

I hope you all enjoy meeting Sat Siri Khalsa as much as I did! You can learn more about Sat Siri at her website,


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