Americans love sugar. According to the experts the average American eats 150 grams of sugar a day. One hundred and fifty grams is about one-third of a pound. One third of a pound of sugar a day! Wow! We really want to be sweet.

Are you thinking that you don’t eat that much sugar? Well, maybe you eat more than you realize. Most people ingest their sugar a little at a time, a hard candy from a dish at a store, a teaspoon in a cup of tea or coffee. Perhaps you enjoy a soft drink or one or two cookies after lunch. Yes, some people demolish a few candy bars a day, but most of us get our sugar in small doses.When we ingest sugar this way we don’t realize how much sweetness we are feeding ourselves.

Are you saying,”So what?” After all, we know that sugar is an energy booster so what can be wrong with a bit of it every now and then?

Nothing is wrong with a bit of sugar but unfortunately the average American consumes much more than a bit.

Guess who else loves sugar. Public enemy number one-cancer cells-they thrive on sugar. Cancer cells gobble three or five times as much glucose, as normal cells. Cancer cells kill for sugar and they kill healthy cells by depriving them of the sugar they need to survive. Eating less sugar is a preventative against tumors.

Avoiding cancer is not the only reason to avoid overdosing on sugar. Sugar weakens the immune system. The immune system is composed of different types of white blood cells. Some of these fight disease and others kill bacteria.Research has discovered that two hours after eating sugar the majority of people studied had 50% fewer of these disease fighters in their system. If staying healthy is your goal then avoiding sugar should be on your to-do list. Sugar isn’t good for adults or for children. Ask any pediatrician what week of the year is her biggest money- maker and you will hear the following, “The week after Halloween.”If you don’t believe me go to a neighborhood doctors’ office next November and you will find it full of coughing, sneezing, wheezing and runny-nosed children. They are recovering from their overdose of Halloween candy! They are feeling neither healthy nor happy. A strong immune system is necessary for perfect health and happiness is a side-benefit of a healthy mind-body. Awareness of your sugar intake can be a step away from depression.

There are excellent ways to ingest sugar. Fresh fruit is number one on the list. This sugar isn’t processed and your body knows what to do with it. Cancer cells will turn up their nose at fresh fruit. Dates and dried fruits are excellent too.

If you do have a sugar addiction don’t try to cut back all at once. Lasting change must always be done gradually. Stressing and straining to make lifestyle changes usually backfires.We end up losing the battle and resuming our unhealthy habits. Take it one-step at a time, but do begin to think about your sugar intake and notice all the “little” bites of this and that that you pick up during the day. Feed the immune system what it needs for strength, fresh organic foods, freshly prepared. There are many secrets for happiness. Some of the most powerful are on the end of your fork.