According to Ayurveda, the intelligence underlying nature and the mind-body are on a single continuum.

The Vedic sages explain this concept in these words: “As it is in the macrocosm, so it is in the microcosm.”

This verse tell us that living beings are microcosms of the universe itself. The Vedic sages understood that we are made up of the same elements as the cosmos and are influenced by the same forces. The fire that burns deep within the belly of our planet is the same energy that drives digestion in our stomach and intestines. The element that makes up the earth we walk on creates our physical body. The expansive space that surrounds us is as vital to the universe as it is to the working of our brain. The mineral composition of the water in the sea is similar to the fluid inside our cells. In essence, the elegant workings of the universe are mirrored in our cells.

Our physiology is a manifestation of nature, of the natural world. Our life energy becomes blocked when our connection with the energy field that underlies the natural world, and runs through our mind-body, is disrupted.

If, through lifestyle, we maintain a vibrant flow of energy we optimize our health. In this way, our inner physician stays wide- awake and ready to heal injuries and sicknesses.

Think about the last time you were sick with an infection-a cold or a stomach virus. How did you know you were getting sick? What were the first signs? What did you do about it? What worked best for you? What did you learn from this experience about your intuition? Did you notice that your body has an ability to regain physical health and wellness? Were you aware of the body’s healing intelligence, which guides the healing of wounds? If not would you like to awake your inner physician?

There are many choices to enhance your awareness of your inner physician. According to Ayurveda optimizing your digestion is a worthwhile endeavor. Only through optimal digestion is food turned into true nourishment. Chapter 14 in Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way gives a variety of ways to enhance digestion.

Or you might decide that you need more exercise, or exercise of a different type. Maybe yoga is your cup of tea. Perhaps you have read that meditation is a proven technique for health. Maybe you are interested in taking a course to learn to meditate. If you feel unmotivated to make any lifestyle changes will you consider beginning a breathing technique? These are powerful techniques for altering energy flow. If you practice an appropriate breathing technique your energy level will increase and overtime you’ll be able to add other lifestyle changes.

The human physiology is capable of rapid change in either direction: toward or away from health. Even one small change in the right direction has a positive effect. The more you erase blockages in the energy flow of your body, the more your capacity for happiness will grow.

Is there a reason to not begin today?