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Nancy Liebler Interview with Vedic Astrologer Sat Siri Khalsa

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the interview. My friend Sandra Moss, met Sat Siri Khalsa at an Ayurvedic conference. Sandra very much enjoyed Sat Siri's company and suggested that I also get to know her. Because I'd [...]

Inflammation and the Disease Process

It appears that the latest finding in medicine points to inflammation as the causative factor in the onset and continuation of most diseases. Some scientists also believe that there is a link between inflammation and depression. In order to find [...]

The Everyday and Year After Year Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was a scholar, a physicist and a holy man. He was from India. In the late 1950’s he began traveling to the western world to talk about an ancient mental technique. He called this technique Transcendental Meditation. [...]

5 Essential Benefits of Yoga: Posing for Life!

Physical, mental, and emotional disorders are effectively treated by the practice of yoga. Increasingly, interdisciplinary scientific research attests to this. The Vedic sages and modern scientists agree that by bending, inverting, twisting, and stretching we can undo the stranglehold of [...]

If You Snooze, You Don’t Lose!

Throughout the centuries many things have changed. We are living in rapidly changing times. But, one thing has not changed--and that is the human physiology. The human physiology continues to be in tune with the rhythms of nature. Our basic [...]